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Dan Kennedy - Copy Writing Deluxe - you get it all - 1 product

Dan Kennedy - Copy Writing Deluxe - you get it all - 1 product

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You're buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of this Program.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

What You Get:   400+ Page Manual in PDF format & the Audio in MP3 Format  - all by download.   

NOTE - we only offer download now

This is the only course you will need EVER.   No one will ever show you all this in 1 course.

Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan’s closed door, 2-day Seminar where he revealed ALL of his most prized, most powerful and most profitable copywriting techniques.

This high-powered Seminar was completely sold-out and there was a long waiting list of others who desperately wanted to attend but couldn’t. And, unfortunately, Dan has decided he will not conduct a Seminar like this ever again.

However, the Seminar WAS captured on tape and now we’ve convinced Dan to let us offer it to ALL our customers.

It has been about five years since Dan presented a Seminar totally devoted to copywriting — to turning words into money — and, quite honestly, it was “elementary school” compared to what he delivered in this one-time-only, no holds barred, EVERY secret revealed, two-day workshop. The tapes from this Seminar are“atomic”!

In these 2 days, Dan took us through EVERY element that goes into a winning ad or sales letter — in minute, exacting detail — supported by loads of examples. He revealed EVERY trick, strategy, and method he uses. Dan has never before taught anybody all of this, step-by-step, idea-by-idea. I doubt seriously if he ever will again.

He also presented his personal methods for being FAST, efficient, and prolific at writing sales copy. As near as I can tell, talking with other top freelance copywriters, Dan out-produces them nearly 10 to 1. Yet his “win/loss” record is better than most, as good as anybody’s.

Why Is Dan Finally Willing To Reveal Every Trick He Knows About Turning Words On Paper Into Floods Of Cash?

Currently, he routinely commands no less than $9,200.00 for the simplest letter or ad to $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 per copywriting project, plus royalties. And he literally has a waiting list business, with clients standing in line and patiently (or impatiently) waiting for him to fit them in. Dan has been paid as much as $50,000.00 in royalties from one letter. Nearly 70% of all clients hiring him to write copy once, return and continue. As a result, he’s rapidly reaching a point of being unable to accept but a very few new clients during the entire year. And Dan is determined to cut back on his workload starting next year. So, he now feels at greater liberty than ever before to lay everything he knows and does on the table.

Originally, he intended to invite only 115 people — who each paid at least $947.00 to attend the Seminar. Then he decided to offer
the same know-how, teaching, “secrets”, and examples he revealed at the Seminar as a “SEMINAR-IN-A-BOX”, but only to his Insider's Circle Members.

Now you can attend Dan’s special Seminar at home, at your convenience, via audio and video tape, and two hefty Manuals including lots of exhibits and examples. You’ll not only get the value of the Seminar — you’ll also have powerful “tools” you’ll keep referring to and using over and over again. This “Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box” is being offered in a limited number, for a limited time.

I want to give you some real insight to the immense power and value of the strategies Dan teaches and discusses in this Seminar Package. So let me just cite a few examples of his work for various clients:

  1. A series of letters that took a company from 1/2 -million to over 1-million a year in sales, AND more than doubled profits.

  2. A single ad that has brought in over 5-million dollars.

  3. A series of letters that pulled nearly a 50% response rate.

  4. A sales letter “package” that pulls a remarkable $4.00 in sales per $1.00 of cost from “cold lists”.

  5. A letter mailed to just 2,200 people (est. cost about $2,000.00) that brought in over $18,000.00 in profits in 11 days. (By the time this 3-step sequence is through, this client will put at least $45,000.00 in his pocket against costs under $8,000.00.)

Just as Dan was preparing for the Seminar, he got a royalty check for $1,330.50 from a client in Norfolk, Virginia. From her test mailing of a sales letter he wrote for her, to 10,500 of her past customers and leads, she sold (just) 68 “units” (less than 1% response) at $395.00 net profit each.....$26,860.00 profit less about $10,000.00 in mailing costs.....$16,860.00 profit or $1.60
profit for every letter mailed. Now she’s mailing a second letter to the 10,432 non-buyers left from that list and rolling the first letter out to another 30,000. When it’s all over and done with, she will have made over $120,000.00 from just ONE sales letter. And Dan knew, just as sure as I knew the earth is round, that she would get these kind of results.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to create promotions like these — and be able to predict profits with absolute certainty*? How many letters could you get in the mail this week if you KNEW you’d get back a net profit of $1.60 for each one mailed? Would you like to pick up an easy $100,000.00 or so of extra money two or three times a year?

*Yes, Dan can show you how to know with 99% certainty that your mailing will be profitable.

Now Here’s What Dan Has To Say About This:

“Stop sweatin’ to sell! - flick on the chain saw! I don’t know if you’ve ever done hard manual labor in your life or not. I have and I didn’t like it. Whenever I see one of those old Tarzan or “lost treasure” movies on TV, with the natives and guides tediously hacking their way through dense jungle with machetes, sweating up a storm, I think to myself: imagine what those guys would have given for a chain saw. Well, most entrepreneurs and salespeople work just as hard as those guys do, to get customers, to make sales. Why? Because they don’t have a chain saw. The chain saw of business is the ability to put words on paper that bring you tons of cash, fast. After 20+ years in business, with 20-20 hindsight and clear present vision, it’s obvious to me that, by far, THE most valuable skill is the ability to “sell via print”. Forget inefficient manual labor. I absolutely guarantee I can equip you with the ability to use ads, sales letters, postcards, FAX broadcasts, etc., etc. to efficiently make more money than you ever thought possible, in whatever business you’re in. Being able to turn words put on paper into floods of precisely the prospects or clients you want or into cash business is THE skill that will quite literally change your life, just as it did mine and many others I taught. One more thing: bluntly, there ARE some folks who prefer suffering, wandering around lost in the jungle, getting through it the hard way with a dull machete, so they have a masochist story to tell. I hope that does NOT describe you.”

Well, there you have it — Kennedy, to the point as usual.

Here’s what you get with your COPYWRITING SEMINAR-IN-A-BOX:

First, you get the complete Seminar Audio Learning Library consisting of an audio CD collection of the entire 2-day Seminar. You’ll even get the evening ‘Ultimate Panel Discussion’ included on these recordings. By being able to listen to these recordings over and over again, as you drive to and from your office, fly on an airplane, run on your treadmill, or soak in your hot tub, you can “imprint” your powerful subconscious mind with all of Dan’s techniques, including many known only to a very small, elite group of direct-response “master practitioners”. Soon you’ll find that you’ve “programmed” your “computer” (the one between your ears) with the same know-how that Dan has. Kind of like "mind

Second, you get Two GIANT Manuals in 1 Binder:

  1. the actual Presentation Notes & Exhibits Manual


  2. the “Lab” (examples) Manual that we used during the Seminar

These manuals include every example Dan showed up on the screen. You won’t miss a thing. And these’ll be very valuable reference tools you’ll return to over and over again. By the way, these Manuals include both Notes and Examples that have not been published before and will not be published in any other place.

And third, you’ll receive a “Blue Ribbon Package” of checklists, tip sheets, copy idea-starters, and assorted weapons I’ve assembled just for this Seminar.

Remember - You get the entire 2-day Seminar on CD's so you can “attend” while listening. And, you can attend at your convenience, like a half-hour each night, for example. Or a few hours each weekend. Whatever suits your schedule. Since you couldn’t attend the Seminar, I’ll deliver the entire Seminar to your living room and car. (You save the cost of travel, hotel, restaurant meals; you take no time away from your business; you learn at your chosen pace.)

You’ll feel like you’re right there in the room, participating with everybody else, with these Videos!

You get TWO “Red Tag Priority Critique Certificates” (each worth $200.00 in and of themselves). I urge you to use them judiciously. Materials sent in to Dan for his personal critique with these Certificates get to “cheat the line” and will typically be answered within a few days, instead of a few weeks — by Dan himself!

Incredibly, This Seminar Comes To You For Considerably Less Than You Would Have Paid To Attend It

I’ve got a genuine bargain for you. As I mentioned earlier, the people who were fortunate enough to get into this Seminar paid no less than $947.00 per person to attend. Plus they paid travel, hotel, and meal expenses which were probably another $1,000.00 or more. All total — $2,000.00 or more, not including time away from work, etc. And the Seminar was well worth every penny of $2,000.00.

So Let’s Cut The Cost By About
Two-Thirds, And Bring This Thing
Right To You!

Your investment for the Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box is very reasonable, about one-tenth of what it would’ve cost to attend in person.   Frankly this is a giant bargain , after all, it's ridiculously easy to "blow" several hundred bucks on a very small unsuccessful ad or mailing.

Get it  by DOWNLOAD and get it today!

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